Meet Robert


What is your favorite thing about the Baltimore Ten-Miler?
The first year it was a small race, and it was hot and muggy. Of all the race premiums I have received I never expected a cozy black sweater! While my zipper is broken and the black may be a bit faded, it is still my favorite when it is a bit chilly.
As a side note… A few years ago my wife and I were at the Frederick festival picking up our packets. A gentleman noticed my sweater and was surprised it was still around. He went on to ask me about that year’s premium. Ignoring my wife’s tug on my arm, I expressed that it was not my favorite (blue wind breaker with ink logos versus the embroidered logos of year prior). And that is how I first met Lee Corrigan.
Why do you keep coming back to participate in the Baltimore Ten Miler?
I am a plank holder! The B10 is the only opportunity I have had to be there when a race started. That brings me back year after year. . . a few that I shouldn’t have been running because of injury, but “running” has always been a flexible term for me.
Your favorite memory from the Baltimore Ten Miler?
Last year my son ran the B10 for the first time. He utterly destroyed me, but he is wonderful to watch; he loses himself in the run and looks so relaxed. That and the donut holes!
Is there a specific year that sticks out as your favorite and why.
    I can’t remember the year, but it was raining significantly the whole race. I was recovering from a bit of food poisoning and the run was going to be a struggle regardless. The rain motivated me . . . I think a lot of people didn’t show because of the weather, but being sick, soaked and uncomfortable motivated me in strange ways to clomp on… but I may have walked up the hill at mile 8!
    I enjoy smaller runs. B10 has grown a bit from those first few years, but it still works for me. After the race we can find a patch of grass and laydown for a while to finish our snacks and have a drink.
    In 2011 I was deployed to Afghanistan and Corrigan Sports supported me ghost running the event (thankfully not breaking the chain!). Here a few pics of my team supporting me to complete the event. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Meet Matt


The very first year for the Baltimore 10 Miler, I was already training for my first half marathon.  I was already running that distance, so I signed up.   That was when the start was at the Zoo entrance.  I enjoyed it so much,  I signed up the next year,  and the next and the next.

Why do you keep coming back to participate in the Baltimore Ten Miler?

I think what keeps me coming back now is,  the streak of course, but,  it’s more than that.   The time of year is perfect, summer is just starting up and there is anticipation in the air of good times ahead.  The event itself is so well run that it’s just a joy to be a a part of it every year.   The Baltimore 10 Miler has an air of tradition around it.   The watermelon, the ice cold cloth at the end, the live music, the complimentary beers, the amazing premiums. All of those things have never changed and that’s important.  Corrigan Sports has created something special.
Your favorite memory from the Baltimore Ten Miler?
I have many memories of the races over the years, but one of my favorites was not when I PRed.  One year, I was having calf issues,  so I decided to hang back in a later wave and run slow and easy.  Before long,  I was chatting with two ladies who did not even know each other,  about baseball and a million other things.   One of the ladies was even celebrating her 60th birthday.  We ran a comfortable pace and just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We even waited at the top of the hill late in the race for our birthday buddy who urged us to just go on without her.   We all crossed the line together, and I couldn’t be happier.   The running community that shows up at the Baltimore 10 Miler is top notch.
Meet Brian


What is your favorite thing about the Baltimore Ten Miler?

My favorite thing about the Baltimore Ten Miler is the cold wash cloth at the finish line and the great swag. I keep coming back to the Baltimore Ten Miler because it’s one of the best venues.  My favorite memory was receiving the Ten Miler clock for participating in the first 10 years.

Meet Marci


Favorite thing about the Baltimore 10 miler… is starting at / near the zoo, the post race watermelon and cold towels, the premiums (of course), and catching up with running friends.  It is the first big race of the year for a lot of us local runners and I enjoy seeing everyone at the post race festivities! Why I keep coming back … 
Honestly, it is to keep the streak alive!
I was around when the Baltimore marathon started but was unable to participate the first few years because I was busy starting my family.  I knew people who had started a streak of running consecutive years of the Baltimore marathon and I realized I could start a streak of consecutive 10 milers instead.  Plus it keeps me running … I have it on my calendar every year and I know that  I need to be ready to run 10 fast miles every June.  I have slowed down a lot now that I am in my 50’s but I do try to put forth a good effort every year at this race.
Favorite memory …
There are a few but one was from maybe the  third year of the race?  We still started in front of the zoo at that time .  A thunderstorm was predicted for that morning and it was announced that the race was on but we would be “running at our own risk”.  We were about a mile into the race and were literally right in front of the Druid Hill Park Pool when the storm started in earnest and lightning struck close by.   We all picked up our pace even though we were running downhill!
Another memory is running up the hill from Mile  8 to 9 – never fun!  That is definitely the toughest part of the race for me every year.  One year I mentally gave up and walked part way up the hill, which I never do.  After the race, I was really angry at myself for doing that.  So,the next year, my kids were training at Loyola University over the summer and I would specifically run 2 times a week from Loyola into Druid hill park to the top of that hill.  At the race that year, I ran straight up the hill without walking.  As I got to the top of the hill, I was feeling proud of myself for not walking only to be passed rather quickly by a cute young girl who I soon recognized as one of my daughter’s friends!
I did manage to win the first place masters female award in the early years of the race (maybe 2011?).  I still have the crystal engraved ice bucket and it makes me happy whenever I see it.
Favorite year was the first year in person after COVID – not because of the course but because of what the race represented.  That course in Hunt Valley was brutal and the hills just kept coming!  But it was my first in person running event after the COVID shutdown and I did it with a few friends.  It was just good to be back and see so many people out there.  Almost felt like things were getting back to normal!  It was a turning point I think for more events to resume in person.
Meet John

Meet John!

Why do you keep coming back to run the Baltimore Ten Miler?

Gosh, there are so many good reasons that I keep doing this race. Probably the mist compelling is the combination of the challenging course paired with the great after party. I always finish wanted to run better “next time”. And usually my running group is closing down the after

party. But I can’t forget the wonderful premiums. The most memorable time was the year of the thunderstorms at the start. A bit unnerving, but everyone was safe.

Meet Karen

Meet Karen!

I keep coming back to participate in the Baltimore Ten Miler partly to keep the “streak” going but mainly this event signifies the start of summer racing for me.  Ten miles is my favorite race distance and I enjoy this challenging course—hills and all! Also, this race allows me to reunite with my running friends from other MD counties because it is a favorite of theirs as well.  Race day is typically hot and humid so I always look forward to the watermelon at the finish.  In addition, I enjoy that the majority of the runners stay for the post race festivities — listening to the live music and consuming their well deserved beer!  Finally, the B10 premiums are amazing (I still have the fleece pullover and the rain jacket).  Kudos to Corrigan Sports for putting on a top notch event for 15 years!

Meet Marc

Meet Marc!

– favorite thing about B-10? Several come to mind,  always a well organized race, excellent swag,  and plenty of support along course.
-Why keep coming back? I feel I should support one of my main local events,  Tough, but fair course, great after party, and catching up with old running friends.
-Favorite Memory from b10?  Would have to be the second year when you gave out rain jackets as the premium.  Happened to be a wet Saturday, and nearly everyone was wearing their new swag.  It was meant to be, still wear that jacket regularly. That was probably my favorite year and best time as well.
I don’t have to many pics because I usually don’t run with a phone but I have one from the Clock year That is me on the right in Red Singlet.
Meet Melvin

Meet Melvin

Why do you keep coming back to participate in the Baltimore Ten Miler?

When the B10 first started, I was still relatively new to running and I wanted to do a race for my birthday. I liked the idea of starting off another revolution around the sun with something healthy and challenging. The B10 was closest to that date, so I signed up and 15 years later the rest is history. I’ve been lucky enough to have some of my closest friends run the race with me, and hopefully I’ll be able to have a few more run with me in the years to come. Also I’m a glutton for punishment and those hills.

Meet Andy

Meet Andy!

The Baltimore 10 miler is a race I run every year because I truly feel connected to Baltimore city not to mention I love the premiums.
My favorite memory of the Baltimore 10 miler is that it was my first race more than a 5K and a race. I didn’t think I would be able to complete. Though I have gotten slower overtime it always brings me back to my roots of running, knowing that if I put my mind to something I can do anything.
I don’t particularly have a favorite year of the Baltimore 10 miler. They are all special in their unique way. The Covid year was the toughest because we could not run as a group but I can’t wait for the 2023 race to create new memories, and running through a city that I love.
Meet Laura

Meet Laura!

My favorite thing about the 10Miler are the cold wet wash clothes at the end!! Perfect to wipe the sweat and excessive salt away!!!
I keep participating because I have come this far and not missed through Breast Cancer, Kidney donation and COVID. Running is excellent for coping with whatever life throws your way!!

Cicada year sticks out because watching cicadas land on people in front of you and watching how long it would stay on the runner really helped keep me distracted from the mileage!!

I love that now all my children and friends have run the 10 miler with me ( my oldest has run multiple 10
 milers with me 🙂 ).