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First, let’s address the elephant in the room (see what we did there?). Nothing will ever replace the excitement of thousands of runners assembling together in one location with a common goal. But due to unique circumstances, we made the best of a virtual option.

Something special happened this morning and earlier this week. It had been building for weeks, if not months. We came together… as one. All wearing the same bib. All running the same 10 miles. Didn’t matter what our ethnicity, gender, age, location, income level, or running ability was. The Running Community is nothing short of magic.

You honored fallen heroes, relatives, friends, and recent patients lost to COVID 19.

You ran all across the city of Baltimore. All over the state of Maryland and the beautiful United States.

You had your kids make chalk finish lines for their moms and dads.

You dressed as elephants because…well it was kinda our theme.

You bought Dunkin Donut munchkins, Harpoon beer, and water melon to replicate the epic B10 post-race celebration.

You formed a patriotic support team to bring Sid Busch, and the two young heroes he ran to honor, to the finish line in Virginia Beach.

You were sent off in style by Baltimore Ravens’ Hall of Famer Ray Lewis!!!

You formed relay teams for the first time ever.

While each of these experiences was unique, we were all thinking about each other. For those magical 90 minutes or so (wink, wink) we were one supportive family. Today may have been virtual, but everything you did and accomplished was 100% real!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t extend kudos to our sponsors and the talented CSE marketing, customer service, operations and merchandise teams for creating an engaging and connecting online experience. We absolutely loved seeing all the photos today from across the country.

So, only a couple of tasks remain. Post more photos, videos and memories to our social media pages.

…and then…

You will get your Under Armour jacket and super adorable elephant finisher’s medal in the mail by the middle of June. Wear them both proudly…and yes…. post more pictures. Cause it ain’t official until you post a selfie with your finisher’s medal on social media.

From the bottoms of our heart, thank you for sticking with Corrigan Sports and the Baltimore 10 Miler. We hope to see you in 2021.

P.S. At least the traffic wasn’t bad this morning!

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