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UPDATE AS OF 7P ON FRIDAY:  Jackets just arrived, and it appears Wednesday’s shipping accident will may affect a small percentage of the following sizes: Women’s X-small, women’s medium, and men’s XX-Large.

We will hand you a voucher on race day with further instruction about claiming your jacket if you are unable to get yours tomorrow. Jackets will be mailed free of charge in 3 to 4 weeks because these are custom items and need to be remade.

Also due to the unexpected accident, we have to cancel our premium exchange policy. We lost more jackets in the accident than we were originally told. Volunteers will hand you the jacket size you signed up for when you registered.

Yesterday we learned the truck that was transporting our B10 jackets was involved in a major accident in North Carolina. Fortunately, the driver escaped serious injury and is home resting after being discharged from the hospital. We wish him a quick recovery and hope he can get back to work soon.

As one can see from this picture, a percentage of our shipment was destroyed in the accident. We lost more than 400 jackets, but as of Thursday afternoon we do not know what sizes those jackets were.

Heading into the beginning of race week, we had approximately 800 more jackets than registered runners. We hope our extra inventory means everyone will still get their jackets on Saturday.

The remainder of the shipment was reloaded on to a new truck last night and is scheduled to arrive Friday morning. We will take inventory immediately and announce what sizes, if any, we anticipate a shortage. If we determine there will be a shortage, we’ll provide the affected runners with further guidance about obtaining their jacket expeditiously post event at no additional cost.

Thank you for your understanding in this near tragic accident. Corrigan Sports Enterprises assures all runners will get their coveted 2017 B10 rain jacket.

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