What is the time limit?
Runners have 3 hours to complete the course, a running pace of 18 min/mile.
What do I need to bring to pick up my bib?
Runners need to bring a copy of their E-Registration Card. This will be emailed out in June. You must print this out and bring it with you or show it on your electronic device at bib pick up.
I cannot access my E-Registration Card
Don’t panic. Please check your spam box first and then email [email protected]
Can someone else pick up my bib for me?
Yes someone else can pick up your bib for you at any of the pre-race packet pick up locations with a copy of your photo id and e-card with bib number showing.
I have not received a confirmation email, how can I make sure I am registered?
I goofed. Can I change information on my registration?
Yes. If you need to change information please do so by managing registration here. If there is something you need to change not available through this link please email [email protected]
I cannot make the race this year; can I get a refund or transfer my race entry to another participant?
No, unfortunately we do not allow transfers or refunds. You may be able to defer until next year.
I cannot make the race this year due to an injury can I defer my entry until next year?
If you are unable to run the race this year for any reason you may move your entry until next year. The fee to defer is $25 and will cover the total cost of your registration for the following year in the same race. You may also do so by managing registration here. The deadline to defer is 2 weeks before the race. When we open registration for next year you will receive an email with a code to re-register for free into next year’s race.  You can only defer your entry one time.

* Please note if you are registered for multiple races as part of a package i.e Nut Job, Double, King Crab by deferring your entry you defer ALL your races till next year. If you wish to break apart your races before deferring please contact [email protected]

Can I have my race packet sent to me?
No, we do not send out any race packets. Race day Packet Pick Up is available for the first 200 registrants. Register here for race day pick up http://btenmiler.wpengine.com/race-day-bib-pick-up-request/
I cannot make the race, but I would still like to receive my premium item.
You or someone must come on your behalf to the race with your race bib to the race to collect your premium. We will not mail premiums.