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2017 Race Premium to be Announced Soon!

The Baltimore 10-Miler has always been known for its top-notch premium item. Ever since Runner’s World Magazine named it BEST SWAG back in 2009, people can’t wait to see what the giveaway will be for that year’s race.  We will be announcing the premium for the 2017 Baltimore 10-Miler in the late winter/early spring.

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2017 Medal to Feature the Flamingo

Since its inception, the Baltimore 10-Miler has used the Maryland Zoo as its home base.  In 2016, the event offered finisher medals for the first time.  When determining its design, it was decided that each year we would feature a different animal that called the Zoo its home.  Last year, the penguin was selected.  In 2017, after a fan vote, the flamingo was the animal selected.

The flamingo medal is one you can wear proudly and makes great companion to the one released last year.  Baltimore an  birds seem to go hand in hand (ravens, orioles…),  and while this topical bird in not native to Charm City, flamingos in Baltimore have a long standing tradition–But usually the plastic yard ornament type.  The ribbon even features a few purple birds, an ode to the Ravens versions that have been popping up around town in recent years.

We know you will enjoy adding this medal to your BLING collection!